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Printing expense is one of most overlooked areas for cost control.

Printing, copying and other output… are the last bastion of unaudited corporate costs…
Most could reduce their printing expenditures by 10%-30%. - According to Gartner

Understanding your print environment and reducing your expenses is what our Managed Print Services program was created for. We’ll leverage state-of-the-art technology to help streamline your
business processes and measure your printing costs down to the page.

Why do you need Managed Print Services?

Our Managed Print Service program is designed with the customer in mind, offering the following benefits:

  • No Up-Front Investment - Realize efficiencies from your existing fleet of devices
  • Never Order Supplies Again - Receive supplies before you run out without ever having to place a phone call or an order and eliminate inventory costs
  • Free Up IT Staff - Most in-house IT professionals spend 33% or more of their time on printer related service issues...Let that be our problem
  • National Service Footprint - Rely on our technical team for your office locations throughout the country
  • Full Reporting - Track print trends, usage and cost down to the page. Know who is printing, what they’re printing, and where they’re printing.

Businesses fail to have measurable cost controls implemented in regards to their printing because they lack the general understanding and tools to measure their usage and understand costs. With this information, businesses can track company, department and even individual use of printing devices and deploy current equipment in the most productive manner.

By managing print requirements effectively, your business can save up to 30% on the costs associated with printing.

To start saving, request your free Document Assessment today.